Snow-less winter

Photographs I took from our recent trip to the Land Down Under.


A tropical bird’s first autumn

Our first autumn in the land of KPOP, Tteokbokki and Samgyeopsal.

I have always been a fan of Korean Dramas for as long as I can remember. And yes, I too dreamt of that mala “Koreanovela” kilig scenes in my head, walking through the streets of Seoul and sipping a good cup of coffee at a cute Korean Cafe.

Two years ago, Dashiel and I decided to go to Seoul, South Korea to experience fall foliage for the first time. For people like us, who were born and raised in a tropical country, we only have two seasons, dry and wet, so the whole concept of Autumn/Fall is completely new to us.

The weather during Autumn/Fall season is usually around 20° / 10° (high/low in °C). It is necessary to bring at least one outerwear, a jacket or a hoodie in case the weather gets too low, especially during the night.

For the entirety of our trip, we stayed at Myeongdong, a bustling city center where you can find tons of Korean beauty shops, ChiMaek (Chicken and Beer) restaurants, Samgyupsal chains, and a few Pojangmacha (Sidewalk Soju Stalls), and of course lots of street food, from gyeran-ppang (steamed bread with egg), tteokbokki, strawberry mochi, and grilled lobster. It is like an endless feast for all your senses!

We visited most of the touristy spots that you can find on travel guides and blogs. We took a stroll inside Gyeongbokgung Palace and watched the changing of the guards, had our lunch at Tosokchon, who serves the best “samgyetang” (chicken ginseng soup).  And to satisfy our curiosity on how the villages looked like in the early days of Seoul, we went to Bukchon Hanok Village.

A trip to Seoul will not be complete without visiting the Namsam Seoul Tower and seeing the locks of love, so we took a cable car to the tower and saw how beautiful Seoul is from above, as Autumn continues to add color to the city, in the hues of vivid yellow, fiery red and orange, green and brown.

On our last day in the city, we went to Nami Island via train from Myeongdong. Nami is a tiny half-moon shaped island located in the direction of Chuncheon, it takes an approximately 1 hour and 30 mins to get to Nami from Myeongdong. Nami, famous for its lined Gingko tree as seen on the hit series “Winter Sonata”, is like a painting on a good autumn day. It was so picturesque; one can simply fall in love in this place. We walked around the park, had a decent lunch at one of the bbq restaurants and even got our own caricature.

Autumn/Fall will definitely be one of my fave season, it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside for some reason. During daytime, you can bask in the warm rays of the sun and in the evening, you can curl up with your fave blanket as you sip your fave drink.

I am writing this piece two years later, and I cannot help but smile while remembering all the awesome things we experienced that fall.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

– Albert Camus

Light, Hope and everything else in a galaxy far far away….

Aside from the balance between light and dark as the core theme of the ongoing Star Wars narrative, it has always been about finding that little spark of hope in desperate moments. Remember Princess Leia in Episode IV saying “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only Hope.” and Jyn Erso’s “We Have Hope. Rebellions are built on Hope.” in Rogue One. It is that strong feeling of always believing for the best, even in the face of the worst circumstances.

Last week, we watched “The Last Jedi” after months of avoiding trailers and articles online. I can’t say the movie is as bad as “The Phantom Menace” or it’s as great as “The Empire Strikes Back”  but it was a bit different (a good kind of different at least for me). It is like binding the old and the new with the ultimate purpose of passing the torch to the new generation, and leaving us with a legend in Luke Skywalker.

Jeff Brown_Star Wars

With the untimely passing of actress Carrie Fisher in 2016, this will also be her last appearance as Princess Leia/General Leia (my heart is crying) which leaves us a Star Wars universe without Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker (where do we go from here then?)

Moreover, that kid with the broom, I guess it is not just about the Skywalkers anymore in the future.

Let us just hope for the best in Episode IX.

Credit to Jeffrey Brown for the Illustration. Go and check all of his awesome creations here

Happy at Sea

A quick weekend getaway to one of the most stunning beach in the World.

It has been a year since I wrote something personal-ish, glad I have the time to sit down and start writing again.

A week ago, we (Dash & I) went to Phuket, Thailand for a short break. It was our first ever trip to Thailand. As you all know, we have tons of beautiful beaches in the Philippines so I was not expecting so much on this trip. We took a morning flight from Singapore via Jetstar. We were so giddy and excited cause the last time we traveled together via plane was back in 2014. After the 2-hour flight from Singapore, we finally reached our destination – Phuket.

Here are some of the photos I took from our trip. We stayed at Moevenpick Resort & Spa Karon – which is an hour and a half drive from Phuket International Airport (HKT).

On our first day, we watched the sunset and enjoyed the golden sand of Karon Beach.

I personally loved the color of the sunset – it looks like rose quartz with a touch of serenity and a bit of orange, a sunset that does not feel sad at all.

As our trip is something that is relaxed, we did not have any itinerary to follow. We literally took our time.

On our second day. We had a decent breakfast buffet at the hotel, went back to our room, took a nap and before noontime, we found ourselves getting ready to go to Patong Beach. After our simple yet delicious lunch by the street – we could not wait any longer to lounge by the beach.

We rented umbrella seats near the shore and started people watching, taking photos, drinking our fave watermelon shake and sharing good conversations.

We ended our second day watching the sunset at Patong Beach, which has a different vibe from Karon Beach. After the sunset, we rode a Tuk Tuk back to Karon and had a nice dinner outside the hotel.

The sea provided me the therapy that I very much needed. I cannot wait to go on a beach trip again.

Birthday present from my partner

My first Lego Creator set.

My xxth birthday is fast approaching and my partner bought a Lego Creator 31012 – Family House last weekend as birthday present.  I am so happy and thrilled as this is my first creator set.


The house design is realistic and I like the color combinations very much. It took me about 3 hours to finish building. The box contains 9 whopping bags (unnumbered). This set includes a light brick, which lights up the house with a nice warm light in the right bigger portion of the house.

Here is a photo of the complete house with my Simpson’s Family and some DC Figures.

Family House

Thank you Mahal!