Will it still matter in the next 5 years?

Surviving rough days and keeping the dementors at bay.

This is a very personal matter but the reason I’m sharing it here is because I need to get it out of my system like a bad case of diarrhea (yes, it’s gross and disgusting) and hopefully feel better.

My husband and I are recently kinda going through some rough days at work and I must say wherever we are right now, the bulk of the stress we are getting comes from the people we work with and not with the actual work, sucks right? Especially when you just want to plainly make a living and live your life.

When you are surrounded by dementors who feeds on your happiness, what should you do? How do you keep going on without sacrificing your overall health? Is it worth stressing over these people?

That’s when my dear husband said this “will they still matter in the next 5 years?” and it
felt like he cast an “Expecto Patronum” spell and made me realize that these people won’t really matter to me soon and that I shouldn’t give them the limited time and f*cks I have in this world (as Mark Manson said on his book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”).

I have to remember that whatever I do for a living is just a mere fraction of who I am as a person and whatever gossip/rumor my malicious office mate spreads around is just coming from her jealous bones.

So with all my might and happy memory let me cast this to you as well to keep the dementors away.

Expecto Patronum!

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Always have something to look forward to

The power of positive anticipation

We all need something to look forward to in life.

From lunch breaks during the day, simple dinner plans, weekend getaways, buying your first car, settling down or giving birth to your bundle of joy. The power of anticipation can help us get through rough times.

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The positive power of anticipation is my way to go forward. You might be asking why? Well, when I was a kid my “something to look forward to” is going to the market on weekends with my mom and having breakfast together at Jollibee because it’s my reward for doing my homework and for getting through the school week. This system helped me focus on the good of going to school and for helping my mom do her chores.

In the most basic sense, “anticipation” implies a future reward, and in general rewards can be a great and powerful motivator in life. If you are following our little project, you’ll be aware that we are trying our luck to move into a different country, and we are now in the process of waiting for our visa grant. This stage can be a little bit draggy so we are practicing the power of positive anticipation while waiting for our grant.

So how does the power of positive anticipation works?

We are giving ourselves “small” rewards for simply getting through the week by trying the best food/restaurants we can find here in Singapore every Friday or by getting a slice of cake from our favorite pastry shop. At times we reward ourselves with “big” ticket items such as flying back home to The Philippines for a weekend to see our folks.

This helps us get through this waiting period and it gives our mind a positive view of the future.

“When I wait you strengthen my heart”
Psalm 27:14

Project Kangaroo: Part 2

Our migration story continues…

We received our Invitation to apply (ITA) last June 2019. Thank you South Australia for sponsoring us, we can’t wait to see and live in your beautiful state. Thank you Lord for paving and leading the way!

The next big question is, what do you need to do after receiving an ITA? You need to get and prepare all the required documents and apply for the visa. You need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially ready to accomplish these next crucial steps. The entire process of migration is not a walk in the park and it can dry your resource if not done properly.

We didn’t hire any migration agency so we are doing things on our own. We scanned all the documents required, filled the forms out, uploaded them into the system and paid the necessary visa fees and now we are waiting for our scheduled health exam and after that, all is done (at least on our part).

The good thing about my husband and I is that we work together as a team. We support each other even in the smallest of things. I thank the Lord for giving me the best partner in life.

So here’s to another phase of waiting patiently and enjoying what could be our last few months here at the little red dot.

And here’s one of my fave verse from the bible.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11 


Migration application, the joy, uncertainty, hope & faith.

Waiting for Project Kangaroo’s progress makes me anxious. I never thought waiting could be this difficult and truly exasperating.

Ever since we lodge our Expression of Interest (EOI) and SS Nomination application, I developed the habit of checking the state’s website every morning. Today, the allocation for my husband’s job sponsorship became low in availability. My anxious heart wants to burst in tears. I know it is not over until it’s over but when you worked so hard for something you really need and want and the thought of it slipping away, your thoughts can get ugly.

For now, all we can do is pray really hard and trust in the Lord that He will fulfill his promises to us, His children.

“In the multitude of my thoughts within me. When I am tossed to and fro with various reasonings, distractions, questions, and forebodings, I will fly to my true rest, for thy comforts delight my soul. From my sinful thoughts, my vain thoughts, my sorrowful thoughts, my griefs, my cares, my conflicts, I will hasten to the Lord; he has divine comforts, and these will not only console but actually delight me.” Psalm 94:19


Project Kangaroo: Part 1

A big project of a newly wed couple who wants to move to a different continent.

I have been dreaming of moving to and settling in Australia as early as 2012. I did some research on what the requirements are, in order to apply for a skilled migrant visa but my occupation was not included on their “List of nominated occupation” during that time. I guess it wasn’t a good idea to gamble on this just yet and the odds are definitely not in my favor so I’ve decided to stay here in Singapore for a few more years to gain an international work experience and earn a few dollars.

My dream has to take a backseat for a time because you know, life happened. The thought of moving to another country was out of my radar for a while until we (my husband and I) visited Australia last year.

Photo by fabien-bazanegue

Being here in Singapore for nearly a decade on work visa that is renewable every two/three years is not ideal for a couple who wants to build a small family. There are no benefits and security that comes along with the work visa in the long run so my husband and I decided it is time to take a chance in applying for a skilled migrant visa. I kid you not, it is a very long process and you really need to be mentally, emotionally, physically and financially ready to be able to take on this task.

Our journey started by gathering some of the requirements for the skills assessment, this includes some documents such as Certificate of Employment, University Certificates & Records, accomplished application forms. Once you have the complete requirements, submit it to the relevant assessing authority and wait for the result. (If you are applying, you need to check the relevant information applicable to you as this is different for every occupation). After waiting for about 12 weeks for the result of our skills assessment, we finally got a positive outcome. Hooray!

Next on the list is obtaining a certain score for the English proficiency exam (IELTS, PTE) base on your occupation. My husband is the main applicant for our application so he took the IELTS exam and got an overall band score of 8. I’m really proud of my man for acing the exam. Another Hooray!

After securing a positive skills assessment and a passing mark on the English proficiency exam, we can now proceed to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and application for a State Nomination. We have submitted our application weeks ago and we are still waiting for (fingers crossed) some good news!

To be continued.